Erwan Coïc Compositeur
 Erwan Coïc                    Compositeur 


Demo reel 2017


Composing original soundtracks for films has always been my specialty and my calling.
I've practised and mastered it for over 30 years now, since childhood ... 

I also write for pop, rock, R&B.... artists according to affinities.
Throughout this website, you can discover my approach and my musical work.
My raison d'être as a composer is to amplify, underline and / or enlarge the perspective of the images that I accompany, by supporting the narrative discourse of a film as close as possible to the director's intention.
I like to change cinematographic worlds, from one film to another, and so of musical genres, in the manner of a sound chameleon. It stimulates my creative fiber.
For me, the quintessence of the film music's composer is really knowing how to blend into very different worlds. This requires great adaptability and a good ear.
I am pleased to compose, for and with you, the original soundtrack that illustrates your images and the story you want to bring onto the screen, as close as possible to your artistic vision.
From film to TV, to documentaries and animation, everything attracts me. Let's talk together, exchange ...
I own a large studio with state-of-the-art technology and all the necessary comfort in a pleasant space that is conducive to creativity: the Planetarium studio.
You will find out for yourself on location that its name was not chosen randomly....
We can also host you in residence for several days according to your desires. The studio has an apartment for guests.
Looking forward to welcoming you !
Erwan Coïc