Erwan Coïc Compositeur
 Erwan Coïc                    Compositeur 


My name is Erwan Coïc and I am a French musician and composer born in 1975 and originally from Brittany.
Totally self-taught, I have developed my passion and my musical ear since adolescence when I discovered instrumental music around the age of 12.
Fascinated by artists of the New Age scenes, electronic and synthetic, I first turned to the synthesizer as an instrument of predilection and composition, an instrument that was later joined by the guitar, then the writing for orchestra.
Enlightened by an insatiable musical curiosity, I discovered and immersed myself in the music of films in search of melodies and orchestrations that could satiate my voracious appetite for sounds and new emotions.
The evidence then imposed itself. This medium of expression corresponded ideally to my aspirations as a nascent composer: to write melodies in the service of images. Magnify stories through music through non-language emotions ...
A single leitmotif since: to act and create with the heart, privileging through each note the deepest creative sincerity.
Today, I live between music to the image, current music and pop.
I had my studio, the Planetarium Studio, built at the southern tip of Finistère, in the heart of an authentic nature, as a task to be my music.