Erwan Coïc Compositeur
 Erwan Coïc                    Compositeur 



Erwan Coïc is a French musician and composer, native of Brittany, France.


A self-made man with no particular artistic legacy, he is very young when he develops his passion and starts having an ear for music.


During his teenage years, he discovers electronic instrumental music.


Fascinated by artists of the New Age / Electronic scene… he naturally turns to a less conventional style, outside the usual radio formats.


Very quickly fired by an insatiable musical curiosity, he discovered his first film scores. It becomes obvious that this means of expression ideally corresponds to his aspiration : to write melodies filled with emotions and to glorify images.

A single leitmotiv : to act and to create with the heart, by favoring the most profound sincerity through every note.


His compositions wander from intimist melodies on the piano, to symphonic musics for orchestra, and electronic textures based on modern rhythmics.


Open to the world, he sets and develops early on a strong link between France and the United States, epicenter of a cinema which highlights film scores.


Close to his roots, he enjoys his own professional studio in Brittany. He is therefore self-sufficient and  welcomes musicians as well as directors for working sessions.