Erwan Coïc Compositeur
 Erwan Coïc                    Compositeur 


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Episode 1 : The Challenge of Louis Blériot


Documentary by Julian Nodolwsky

France / USA  2019

2 versions : 90mn & 52mn

Icare's dream and beyond....

(In post-production)

"La Chine au Fil des Rails"

Documentaries by various directors

France / China 2018 - 2019

Six trains. Six itineraries. 6 x 52mn - A great discovery of modern and ancient China

"Les Flâneuses"

Feature film by Tony Sebastian Ukpo

France 2018 - 2019

(In post-production)


Feature film by Benjamin Goalabré

with Michael Madsen, William Baldwin, Cassie Howarth,

Ivan Gonzalez, Ryan Slater

France / Belgium / USA 2017 - 2018

(In post-production)

"Casting" - Short film by Floréal - France 2018


A young woman comes to audition for a film, but nothing goes as planned - Short film on the sexual harassment inspired by testimonies.

"The Raven" - Short film by Vijay Ravindirin - France 2018


Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's famous poem...


"Et Mon Coeur Transparent"

Feature film by David and Raphaël Vital-Durand

with Julien Boisselier, Caterina Murino, Serge Riaboukine, Sara Giraudeau, Magaly Berdy, Michel Ferracci...

France 2017

(Theatrical release in France on May 16th, 2018)

César 2019 collection (French Academy Awards)


Feature film by Murat Aslan

France -Turkey 2017


"Détour aux sources"

Feature film by Roda Fawaz and Cyril Gueï

with Roda Fawaz, Cyril Gueï, Ariane Ascaride, Arié Elmaleh, Houssam Hassan, Nasri Sayegh

France 2016


Web-serie by Gaëtan Selle - France 2016

6 episodes


When she wakes up with amnesia in a medical room, Angelique learns from Agent Calvin that she is the key to the Namaka program, aiming to prevent an Alien invasion. But the only thing she wants is to find her baby, who was mysteriously taken away by caeseriean section while she was unconscious...

"Paroles d'ouvriers : la réparation navale"

Documentary by Frédéric Chignac

for France 3 Bretagne

France 2016


The portrait of the city of Brest (Brittany - France) and one of its emblematic activities : naval repair. Its atmosphere, its identity, and the story of the men behind the scenes.

Broadcast on 11/14/2016 at 23h40 on France 3 TV channel.


"The Asymmetry of the Butterfly" - Short film by Gaëtan Selle

France 2016


When a victim meets her killer... 



"If You're Underwater" - Short film by Benjamin Goalabré -

USA 2015


Three years ago, Nick lost his wife and Nina lost her mother. Since then, both father and daughter have coped with the grief alone. As Nina prepares to leave for college, Nick realizes he’s on the verge of losing the only family he has left.


Official selection at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2016



"Stinky Feet" - Short film by Michele Seidman - USA 2015


Go on an adventure and follow the life of a friendly pair of socks ! From a lonely cotton seed... to a sock factory... to the home of a loving family.


"Into The World Cup" - Documentary by Benjamin Goalabré and Yoann Santonastaso - France / USA 2015


The soccer Word Cup in Brazil... "behind the scene".



"Togetherness" - Short film by Orson Rout and

Louis Vaucher -  Switzerland 2015


The emotional turmoil of a lonely man crushed by pain after the loss of his loved one...



"Amor Amore" - Short film by Céline Solignac and

Cathy Guillemin - France 2014


Between memories and reality, past and present, a man's attempt to find the path back to his life.



Feature film by Nathan Ambrosioni

France 2014



           Best Director award 

Samain du Cinéma Fantastique Festival of Nice 2014


Best 1st Movie award - ToHorror Film Fest of Torino 2015


Best Foreign film - Spooky Empire Festival of Orlando 2015



Official selection at Fantasia,

International Film Festival of Montreal 2015


Official selection at the FrightFest of London 2015


Official selection at the Orlando Freak Show Festival 2015


Official selection at the Morbido Film Fest of Mexico 2015


Official selection at the Zinema Zombie Fest of Bogota 2015


Official selection at the Leeds International Film Festival 2015


Official selection at the New York City Horror Film Festival 2015



Meredith never had children. She decides to take in two young teenage girls in her beautiful mansion. However, since they arrived, something is wrong.

Meredith contacts S.O.S adoption, a small local TV station which helps families having difficulties of integration. Unfortunately nothing improves, especially when the reporters discover that there is someone else in the house...



"Hidden Face" - Short film by Brandon Beytrison - Switzerland 2014


Carl lives alone with his son Ethan in a small and isolated mountain chalet. Terrible emotions arise the day Carl invites tourists to spend the night in his chalet...



"A Blurred Line" - Short film by Benjamin Goalabré - USA 2013


An american soldier just back from Afghanistan wavers between an imaginary world and reality.



"La Lettre" - Short film by Fred Fonseca - France 2013


The story of a couple pondering about fatherhood.



"A Dream on Fire" - Short film by Michele Seidman - USA 2013


A dreamer and writer discovers the perfect phrase. One of which words and meaning can change the world. But he is arrested, tortured and thrown in prison. What becomes of the phrase ? Come find out...